“A lost turtle, a desperate customer,  and a turfle that won't give up.  Can Charlie's and her turfle save the day?”
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Charlie’s pet shop is a mess. Duckmeleon is messy. Things are about to get yucky mucky… Price: $4.99 Free.
The walrat has a tooth ache and is scaring customers away. Charlie wants to help but it'll be like pulling teeth! Price: $4.99 Free.
Duckmeleon’s Messy Room
The Walrat’s Teeth
City bird Harry wants to build a nest for Cherry. But his methods are questionable and in Cherry’s words, “disgusting and repulsive.” If the nest is where the heart is, can Harry’s big heart change Cherry’s mind? Price: $4.99 Free.
Harry’s Nest
Hello! I’m so happy you’re here. Honestly, it’s really hard being a self-published children’s book author so I really appreciate every reader.  My goal is to create books that will give parents and kids an oppurtunity to read and bond together. Try the Duckemelon’s Messy Room, for free!  Holiday Specials!!! Many of my books are FREE. Check them out below and on iBooks. Don’t forget to leave a rating/review. Thanks!
A lost turtle, a desperate customer, and a turfle that won't give up. Can Charlie and her turfle save the day? Price: $4.99
Victor the Huggable is an old, worn and hideous looking teddy bear with many missing parts. Desperate but determined, he is willing to do anything to be whole again. In the process he loses and finds his most important part, his heart. Price: $4.99 Free.
Victor Lost
The King and Queen are visiting for supper. The fridge is empty. The shops are closed! Princess P and Sir John will need to get food the old-fashioned way, by foraging. But will it be good enough for the royals? Or will they be thrown into the dungeon? Price: $4.99 Free.
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Princess P and Sir John Forage A Royal Feast
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A lost turtle, a desperate customer,  and a turfle that won't give up.  A FREE download.
Sweet and quirky. Charlie's Curious Pet Shop is a series that will give fun parents and kids an enjoyable reading time.
When the great Mr Pirate demands a proper pirate pet, Charlie suggests the parken. Hoist your sail for a pirate adventure. Price: $4.99 .99 Limited time
The Turfle’s First Case
Mr Pirate and the Parken
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