Hello. Here’s my gift for you!

How would my animals describe me?

E. B. Adams lives on an urban homestead in Cape Town with his partner and three free-ranging kids. He is a 2D/3D illustrator and author of over twenty children’s books.

“It’s all just chicken scratch!” ~ Henry (our oldest rooster with poor eyesight.)

When he’s not making books, he’s busy feeding a horde of ducks, a plague of chickens, a mob of guinea pigs, and a gang of very hungry goats.

“He never feeds us!” ~ Annie (our goat who lives to headbutt me from behind when I’m trying to feed her!!!)

You can buy his digital books on his website, here, or you can buy his eggs at his home.

“Don’t trust him!” ~ The Ducks (I love duck eggs… mmmm.)

You Can Support Indie Publishing.

You can get my books from all major online retailers. Or Check your local libraries, Hoopla and Libby or ask them to add my books if they don’t have it. Pretty please?

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The newsletter to share my joy with you.

I have a newsletter called Homestead Sundays that I’ve been writing every 2 weeks for several years. It’s full of wisdom from life with kids, animals and plants (you just have to do the opposite of my mistakes). Our little one-acre homestead here in Cape Town gives us a lot of joy, so it’s my way of sharing that joy with you.

Plus, you’ll get my current giveaway book. Yay!