As a thank you for being a newsletter subscriber, I wanted to share my book, The Biggest Baddest Bear. It’s one of my Silly Wood series books.

Jo and I like to go on walks along the beach every day. It keeps us sane. Jo thinks I’m like the bear when I go for walks, I complain about the sand, the jelly fish, the dead seal, the WATER! Everything just gets in my way… grr.

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Your book smells like chicken poop.

Hmmm… Try resetting your device. You might also be low on memory or space.

Can you reset and fix my device for me?

No. I’m too busy fixing what the goats are breaking!


But if nothing is working, just email me. I’ll do my best to figure it out for you.

E. B. Adams


(The coupon only works with the Silly Chicken Bundle. Not with each individual ebook.)